Dear Teacher of Environmental Science

Are you looking for a great book that will introduce the twin themes of climate change and clean energy to your students? Are you looking for a story in which young characters learn why hurricanes are growing more powerful? Why coral reefs are dying as the oceans become more acidic? Why the melting of the permafrost, and the release of huge amounts of frozen methane, may trigger an unstoppable acceleration of global warming?

As a teacher of thirty years in the United States, the Caribbean, Norway and Russia, I have great faith in the first global generation in human history. Young people around the world can now communicate with each other, and they share a determination to live in a healthy world, a prosperous world, and a world at peace.

As an author, I have woven extensive research into a book which contains seven stories, set in seven locations around the world, today…and in twenty years. The stories, in which most of the characters are young, dramatize the likely changes coming to our climates in the near future. The writing is crystal clear, so that every high school and college student can sail through these stories.

Climate Change and the Oceans is available as an ebook for only $.99, so that every student, anywhere in the world, can afford it. This unique book, environmental fiction, is a full novel, 238 pages as a paperback. (The paperback is sold out. The ebook version is on Kindle, Nook, iPad, and on any computer screen.) The stories are followed by Blessed is Life, powerful photographs of children in countries around the world.

Published in September 2010, Climate Change and the Oceans contains a story about drought on a farm in the American Midwest, a drought which became real during the summer of 2012. The book also contains a chapter which dramatizes an unprecedented hurricane that devastates New York City; this chapter accurately predicted Hurricane Sandy, and explains why the warming oceans will create more such monster hurricanes.

Please take a look at Woodgate International, Click on the baby crawling out of the sea for the full webpage. Listen to the author read seven passages from the seven stories. Listen as well to a radio interview in Boston.

There is no other book in America like Climate Change and the Oceans. This fascinating novel will open the door for your students into the clean energy renaissance of the twenty-first century.

“The sun, that blesses me with richest earthly finery,
Shines no warmer than my hopes upon thee.”

(from Blessed is Life)