A Journey Out of Darkness - cover

A Journey Out of Darkness

Sometimes we need someone to step into our lives, as a guide who takes us on a journey. With courage, with hard work, and with a heart that gradually opens, we become a better person in a better world.

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We The People cover

We the People

The Founding Fathers, and their wives, return to America today and are stunned by the shabby state of the nation which they had created with such care. Can their experiment in democracy be salvaged?

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The Climate Classroom, Volume I: The Climate Crisis

The Climate Classroom asks students to reach with their minds around the entire planet… and to reach with their minds to the end of the 21st Century, at least. Volume I explores the complex problems which students how inherit.

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The Climate Classroom: Volume II: The Clean Energy Renaissance

The Climate Classroom asks students to reach with their minds around the entire planet… and to reach with their minds to the end of the 21st Century, at least. Volume II explores solutions which are rapidly developing around the world.

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Rise Up and Roar

The peoples of the world are standing now at two major tipping points. If the Arctic tipping point comes before the human tipping point, then we will be too late. And we are very, very close to too late, now.

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The World Was Made For Love

This unique book encourages young people to ask the Big Questions about the troubled world which they now inherit. The poems and the pictures encourage young people to think about the Big Picture, a very positive picture, full of hope.

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Leif the Believer

A viking who sailed to America with Leif Eriksson in the year 1000 A.D. returns to the world today. He finds much that is good, but he is stunned by the twin evils of global warming and modern warfare. In this unusual and powerful story, Leif the Believer changes the course of history.

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Oslo in April

The author began this novel on March 21, 2003, during the first hours of the War in Iraq. Devastated by…

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Invitation to a Renaissance

Norwegian language edition: AmazonAmazon UK Invitation to a Renaissance, a collection of short essays, is essential to every Environmental Studies…

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Melting at One End, Bleeding at the Other

This unique and powerful novel brings our contemporary world into the classroom. It is not Science Fiction Fantasy, and it…

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Climate Change and the Oceans

Why I wrote this book: How do we tap the enormous energy waiting to spring to life? As a teacher…

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Springboard: Launching into the 21st Century

In the classroom, I often give my students something to read as a springboard¬†for great classroom discussions, and further student…

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A Renaissance Beckons

This little book has an enormous purpose: When the Climate Conference meets in Paris in December, we need to be…

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Bootmaker Volume I Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume I: Rebellion

Volume I takes the reader on a turbulent ride through the rebellious decade leading up to the Declaration of Independence.…

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Bootmaker Volume II Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume II: The Long War

Follow the long war as soldiers carry muskets in their hands, and battered copies of the newly written Declaration of…

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Bootmaker Volume III Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume III: Victory

After eight long years, the Continental Army finally marches toward the battle that could finish this endless war. With help…

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Welcome Home, Soldier

As we move from the 20th to the 21st century, we need to cast off the old shackles which have…

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starry night

On a Starry Night: 56 Poems Waiting to Go for a Walk

Early poems, early yearnings. These poems about loneliness, about nature, about war, begin during high school,¬†and lead through the years…

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Children of the Sun

This novel is about war in the twentieth century, at the end of a long millennium of war. May we…

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The New St Petersburg Cover

The New St. Petersburg

From Leningrad to St. Petersburg, from the Soviet Union to Russia, during the cold, dark, dangerous depths of the Russian…

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A Dream Seeded in the Earth

Wherefore the white rose of friendship, and not the red rose of love? A contemporary tale in an ancient setting,…

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