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John Slade hopes that by returning to the birth of our nation—by reliving the rich and powerful years from 1763 to 1783—we can better understand the events, and the values, of our American foundation. By returning to the granite bedrock of our Revolution, we can find a more solid footing today . . . and thus develop a nation in the twenty-first century that is less commercial, but instead more generous in spirit.

We The People cover

We the People

The Founding Fathers, and their wives, return to America today and are stunned by the shabby state of the nation which they had created with such care. Can their experiment in democracy be salvaged?

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Bootmaker Volume I Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume I: Rebellion

Volume I takes the reader on a turbulent ride through the rebellious decade leading up to the Declaration of Independence.…

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Bootmaker Volume II Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume II: The Long War

Follow the long war as soldiers carry muskets in their hands, and battered copies of the newly written Declaration of…

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Bootmaker Volume III Cover

Bootmaker to the Nation: Volume III: Victory

After eight long years, the Continental Army finally marches toward the battle that could finish this endless war. With help…

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