A Letter to the Voters in the American Election of 2020

The Founding Fathers, and their wives, return to America today. Stunned by the shabby state of the nation which they had created with such care—they are especially appalled by the present government in power—they gather in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where they once wrote the sacred documents of 1776 and 1787.

Can their experiment in democracy be salvaged?

What happens to a California girl—who embodied the spirit of the 1960s—half a century later?

A veteran in camouflage comes home from the war in Iraq. But despite his wife’s best efforts, and though he has returned to the family farm, he cannot find home.

What if President John Kennedy had lived, and had used eight full years to guide the nation toward peace?

What if Martin Luther King had lived, teaching non-violence for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years?

What if Jimmy Carter, the first president who gathered scientists to study the threat of global warming, and the first president to financially support the development of clean energy, had served for eight full years?

Where would America—and the world—be today?

And . . . can we bring that bold, enterprising spirit back to America when we vote in November of 2020?

The stories and essays in this unique book ask the Big Questions. They encourage us to ponder deeply who we are, as we Americans either join the clean energy Renaissance, or crumble into chaos.

When the Founding Fathers wrote, “We the People”, they meant it.

Book categories: American Revolution and Climate Change and Clean Energy