A Journey Out of Darkness

This unique ghost story, set above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, will take you into the mountain realm of eagles, and an angel.

Michael, a disillusioned misfit from Florida, moves to Norway to begin a new life. With a teaching job at a college, he rents an old two-story log house on the shore of a fjord . . . and soon discovers that the upper floor is inhabited by the spirit of a young woman who died of consumption in 1917.

Anna Sofia agrees to guide Michael—who has never seen snow in flat Florida—into the mountain wilderness which she loved as a girl. As they climb high above the timberline, as they bid farewell to the sun before months of winter darkness, as they skate on a mountain lake beneath the northern lights, and ski near a herd of reindeer, Anna Sofia leads Michael deeper into the wilderness, deeper into himself. The bitter boy is left behind; the clear-eyed man is emerging.

But in Oslo at Christmas, Anna Sofia discovers the modern world: pollution and climate change threaten to destroy the natural world that she deeply loved . . . and desperately hated to lose when she died so young.

She asks Michael what he is doing to protect his precious world. He admits, “Not much.”

“Michael, I loved my world, and then I lost it. I cannot do anything now to help it. Because I’m dead. But you, Michael. You are alive. And yet you are going to do nothing?”

Michael begins to find his purpose, far beyond teaching classes at the college.

Anna Sofia tells Michael that her dream is to stand on a mountain peak at midnight in June, when the summer sun, golden-red, will shine in the sky due north. But at that moment, she must leave him. He will lose the woman he deeply loves, and he will have to climb down that mountain alone.

He will take with him, however, Anna Sofia’s final gift: a powerful purpose in his life. He has been accepted at a Norwegian university in solar engineering. Michael is determined to harness the power of the sun, and to help build a far better world. Anna Sofia will be guiding him.

Yes, a love story.

And yes, a story about climate change and clean energy.

A Journey Out of Darkness will live in your heart forever.

This ebook contains gorgeous photographs from Anna Sofia’s northern world.

The pictures from a mountain wilderness above the Arctic Circle, and from a day at sea, follow the story chapter by chapter.

Book categories: Climate Change and Clean Energy